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The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) is a network of communications satellites and ground stations used by NASA for space communications. The system was designed to replace an existing network of ground stations that had supported all of NASA's manned flight missions. The prime design goal was to increase the time spacecraft were in communication with the ground and improve the amount of data that could be transferred.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
E-ST@R-II414592016-025DApril 25, 201695.7
HST205801990-037BApril 24, 199095.4
SORCE276512003-004AJanuary 25, 200396.7
SPACE STATION255441998-067ANovember 20, 199892.7
TDRS 1139691983-026BApril 4, 19831458.3
TDRS 10275662002-055ADecember 5, 20021436.1
TDRS 11390702013-004AJanuary 31, 20131436.2
TDRS 13429152017-047AAugust 18, 20171436
TDRS 3195481988-091BSeptember 29, 19881436
TDRS 4198831989-021BMarch 13, 19891462.2
TDRS 5216391991-054BAugust 2, 19911436
TDRS 6223141993-003BJanuary 13, 19931436.2
TDRS 7236131995-035BJuly 13, 19951436.1
TDRS 8263882000-034AJune 30, 20001436
TDRS 9273892002-011AMarch 8, 20021436.1
TDRS-12395042014-004AJanuary 23, 20141436.2
VESSELSAT 1378402011-058COctober 12, 2011102.1