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NORAD ID: 27825
Int'l Code: 2003-026A
Perigee: 35,774.9 km
Apogee: 35,811.6 km
Inclination: 5.0 °
Period: 1,436.1 minutes
Semi major axis: 42164 km
RCS: 10.0237 m2 (large)
Launch date: June 10, 2003
Source: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Launch site: SEA LAUNCH (SEAL)

Capacity for 13,750 simultaneous calls; voice, fax, data transmissions from/to mobile telephones; Middle East, North and Central Africa, Europe, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 27825U 03026A   17206.65719159 +.00000106 +00000-0 +00000-0 0  9991
2 27825 004.9523 029.2736 0004347 091.7733 103.0711 01.00273528051777
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC