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Add a satellite tracker to your web page!

A new collection of widgets has been released on Google Gadgets directory. They basically share the following cool features:
  • Graphical representation of one orbit and a half
  • Active day/night shadow overlay
  • Sun position displayed on map
  • User geolocation detection based on IP address
  • Live tracking information (latitude, longitude, altitude [km], speed [km/s])
  • And more!
The International Space Station (ISS) is a research facility currently being assembled in Low Earth Orbit. On-orbit construction of the station began in 1998, and is scheduled to be complete by 2011, with operations continuing until at least 2015. Currently the ISS is the largest artificial satellite in Earth orbit, larger than any previous space station. ISS is by far the most watched satellite in the sky. It is also the brightest, rewarding the observer at each visible pass.

Add to your web page
Add to your web page

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is the most famous space telescope and it was carried into orbit by the space shuttle in April 1990. STS-125 (Atlantis) was launched in May 2009, and installed two new instruments and made numerous repairs. The latest servicing should allow the telescope to function until at least 2014.

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Add to your web page

The NOAA's POES (Polar Operational Environmental Satellite) satellite system offers the advantage of daily global coverage, by making nearly polar orbits roughly 14.1 times daily. Currently in orbit there aree a morning and afternoon satellite, which provide global coverage four times daily.

Add to your web page
Add to your web page

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