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This list does not include decayed objects, debris or rocket bodies.
Name Description Launched
KICKSAT 2014-04-18 TRACK IT!
DRAGON 2014-04-18 TRACK IT!
EGYPTSAT 2 EGYPTSAT 2 is Egypt's second Earth remote-sounding satellite. The satellite is jointly built by Egypt's National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences together with RKK Energiya in Russia. T... More 2014-04-16 TRACK IT!
USA 250 (NROL-67) USA 250 (NROL-67) is a classified spacecraft operated by National Reconnaissance Office.... More 2014-04-10 TRACK IT!
OFEQ 10 2014-04-09 TRACK IT!
PROGRESS-M 23M PROGRESS-M 23M is a resupply spacecraft that delivered to ISS 2.9 tons of cargo, including 1,764 pounds (800 kg) of propellant to be pumped inside the Russian Zvezda service module, 105 pounds (48 kg)... More 2014-04-09 TRACK IT!
IRNSS 1B IRNSS 1B is an Indian navigation satellite, designed for a 10-year lifetime.... More 2014-04-04 TRACK IT!
SENTINEL 1A The mission is the first of six families of dedicated missions that will make up the core of Europe's Copernicus environmental monitoring network. Copernicus will provide operational information on th... More 2014-04-03 TRACK IT!
DMSP 5D-3 F19 (USA 249) DMSP 5D-3 F19 (USA 249) is a global weather observatory for the U.S. armed forces. The craft carries a sophisticated suite of weather instruments to observe virtually the entire planet twice daily. Da... More 2014-04-03 TRACK IT!
SJ-11-06 SJ-11-06 is a Shijian 11 series Chinese experimental satellite. It is believed that Shijian 11 satellites might be part of an early warning constellation to demonstrate missile detection for the Chine... More 2014-03-31 TRACK IT!
SOYUZ-TMA 12M SOYUZ TMA-12M is a 2014 flight to the International Space Station. It transported three members of the Expedition 39 crew to the International Space Station. TMA-12M is the 121st flight of a Soyuz spa... More 2014-03-25 TRACK IT!
COSMOS 2491 (GLONASS) The Glonass M satellite, designated No. 54 in the Glonass fleet, was manufactured by ISS Reshetnev and is designed for a seven-year operational life. The Glonass constellation is scattered among three... More 2014-03-23 TRACK IT!
ASTRA 5B ASTRA 5B is set to replace ASTRA 1G at the 31.5 degrees east location. The spacecraft hosts 40 Ku-band transponders and six Ka-band transponders to expand direct-to-home television services over Easte... More 2014-03-22 TRACK IT!
AMAZONAS 4A AMAZONAS 4A, manufactured by Orbital Sciences Corp., is operating at 61 degrees west longitude, giving the satellite's 24 Ku-band transponders coverage over South America. The satellite will reinforce... More 2014-03-22 TRACK IT!
EXPRESS AT-2 EXPRESS AT2 spacecraft is operating at 140 degrees east longitude with 16 Ku-band transponders to cover Russia's Far East. Eutelsat has claimed 19 Ku-band transponders to expand digital television off... More 2014-03-15 TRACK IT!
EXPRESS AT-1 EXPRESS AT-1 will broadcast television signals and data networking services across Eastern Europe and Russia from an operating post at 56 degrees east longitude. Fitted with 32 Ku-band transponders, E... More 2014-03-15 TRACK IT!
STARS II STARS 1 (Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite), also known as Kukai, consists of a Mother Satellite and a Daughter Satellite connected by a tether. The Mother Satellite (Ku) deploys the tether ... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
KSAT 2 The KSAT-2 satellite will detach at an altitude of about 400 kilometers, according to the plan. It will orbit the Earth at a speed of 8 kilometers per second and send data to the ground for about 15... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
INVADER (CO-77) The INVADER (Interactive satellite for Art and Design Experimental Research) 1-unit CubeSat is an art project of the Tama Art University. It is the first mission of the "ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Proj... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
TEIKYOSAT 3 TEIKYOSAT 3 is designed to study the impact of space radiation and the microgravity environment on a mold called Dictyostelium discoideum. This species of soil-living amoeba belongs to the phylum Myce... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
OPUSAT The primary objective of OPUSAT is to demonstrate advanced hybrid power supply system using Lithium-ion Capacitor (Li-C) and Lithium-ion battery. Li-C enables long term operation in high powerr discha... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
GPM GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) satellite fleet will help predict a range of natural cataclysms, from floods and cyclones to drought and famine. The GPM constellation includes satellites from t... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
ITF 1 IFT 1 (Imagine The Future 1) or Yui is a 1U Cubesat built by students of the University of Tsukuba. It features a 435 MHz beacon, which sends telemetry by a Morse Code audio tone on an FM transmitter ... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
SHINDAISAT SHINDAISAT is a VLC (Visible Light Communication) experimental microsatellite of Shinshu University (Wakasato, Nagano Prefecture, Japan) for an on-orbit technology demonstration over a long distance (... More 2014-02-27 TRACK IT!
UAPSAT 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
SKYCUBE 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
LITSAT-1 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
ARDUSAT 2 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-28 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-27 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-26 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-25 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-24 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-23 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-20 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-19 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-22 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-21 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-18 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-17 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
USA 248 USA 248, known also as GPS 2F-5 will become a primary broadcasting satellite in the constellation when it becomes operational by May 2014.... More 2014-02-21 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-16 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-15 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-14 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-13 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-12 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-11 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-10 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1-9 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
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