This list does not include decayed objects, debris or rocket bodies.
Name Description Launched
YAMAL 401 YAMAL 401 is a communications satellite that will enter service in early 2015 at 90 degrees east longitude, where it will hover over a fixed location on Earth to beam communications services across Ru... More 2014-12-15 TRACK IT!
USA 259 NROL-35 is a top-secret satellite-delivery flight for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The NRO is the secretive government agency that controls the country's spy satellites. The identity and p... More 2014-12-13 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 25C 2014-12-10 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 25B 2014-12-10 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 25A 2014-12-10 TRACK IT!
CBERS-4 CBERS-4 (China–Brazil Earth Resources Satellite 4), also known as Ziyuan I-04 or Ziyuan 1E, is a remote sensing satellite intended for operation as part of the China–Brazil Earth Resources Satellite p... More 2014-12-07 TRACK IT!
DIRECTV 14 DIRECTV 14 is a geostationary satellite that carries 16 Ka-band transponders and 18 transponders in the so-called 'reverse band' which is normally used to transmit signals from Earth into space. Regul... More 2014-12-06 TRACK IT!
GSAT 16 GSAT 16 is an Indian geostationary communications satellite carried on a 12-year mission to reduce India's reliance on leased transponders aboard foreign telecom spacecraft. The 7,014-pound (3,181-kg)... More 2014-12-06 TRACK IT!
PROCYON PROCYON (Proximate Object Close flyby with Optical Navigation) is an experimental asteroid fly-by probe developed by JAXA. The probe with a mass of only 59 kg will perform an close fly-by to an astero... More 2014-12-03 TRACK IT!
DESPATCH (ARTSAT 2, FO-81) DESPATCH (Deep Space Amateur Troubadour's Challenge) space probe is an art project of the Tama Art University. It is the second mission of the "ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project". The sculpture, which... More 2014-12-03 TRACK IT!
SHIN EN 2 SHIN EN 2 is a interplanetary satellite built by students at Kagoshima University in Japan that will carry a 145 to 435 MHz linear transponder into a deep space heliocentric orbit. The 15 kg spacecra... More 2014-12-03 TRACK IT!
HAYABUSA 2 HAYABUSA 2 is an asteroid sample return mission operated by the Japanese space agency, JAXA. It follows on from Hayabusa and addresses weak points learned from that mission. Hayabusa 2 is heading for ... More 2014-12-03 TRACK IT!
COSMOS 2501 (GLONASS) COSMOS 2501 is the second craft in a series of upgraded Glonass K satellites designed to last longer, transmit more navigation signals, and launch on smaller rockets. Like the first Glonass K spacecra... More 2014-11-30 TRACK IT!
SPINSAT 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
SOYUZ-TMA 15M SOYUZ TMA-15M is a Russian spacecraft that carried the crew of the next expedition to the International Space Station (ISS). The crew consists of Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos cosmonaut Anton... More 2014-11-23 TRACK IT!
KUAIZHOU 2 (KZ-2) KUAIZHOU 2 (KZ-2) will be used to monitor natural disasters and provide disaster-relief information. Kuaizhou means "speedy vessel" in Chinese.... More 2014-11-21 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 24 YAOGAN 24 is officially a 'remote sensing' platform, however the spacecraft could carry a sharp-eyed optical camera to supply global reconnaissance imagery to Chinese military authorities, according t... More 2014-11-20 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 23 YAOGAN 23 satellite 'will mainly be used for scientific experiments, natural resource surveys, crop yield estimates and disaster relief', according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. Independent obs... More 2014-11-14 TRACK IT!
TSUBAME TSUBAME is a satellite developed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology designed to test gyroscopes for pointing control while conducting X-ray astronomy observations and demonstrate a compact camera to... More 2014-11-06 TRACK IT!
QSAT-EOS QSAT-EOS is a cube-shaped satellite, weighing about 110 pounds (50 kg). It was developed by a consortium of institutions led by Kyushu University and is designed to monitor disasters and vegetation fr... More 2014-11-06 TRACK IT!
CHUBUSAT-1 CHUBUSAT-1 is a 110-pound (50-kg) satellite that was designed by Nagoya University in Japan and carries optical and infrared cameras to observe Earth and space debris.... More 2014-11-06 TRACK IT!
HODOYOSHI-1 HODOYOSHI-1 is a 132-pound (60-kg) satellite developed by the University of Tokyo, designed to collect medium-resolution imagery of Earth.... More 2014-11-06 TRACK IT!
ASNARO ASNARO 1 (Advanced Satellite with New System Architecture for Observation) carries an optical camera that can resolve objects as small as a half-meter (20 inches) across. The satellite is designed to ... More 2014-11-06 TRACK IT!
MERIDIAN 7 MERIDIAN 7 is a satellite manufactured by ISS Reshetnev, a Russian space contractor, as replacements for a previous generation of Molniya communications satellites. The Meridian satellites link Russi... More 2014-10-30 TRACK IT!
NAVSTAR 72 (USA 258) NAVSTAR 72 (USA 258) is a GPS 2F-8 satellite that will join the orbiting navigation network as the 31st functioning spacecraft—including four launched in 2014—and 8 backups. GPS 2F-8 will take Pla... More 2014-10-29 TRACK IT!
PROGRESS-M 25M PROGRESS M-25M identified by NASA as Progress 57 or 57P, is a Progress spacecraft used by Roskosmos to resupply the International Space Station during 2014. Progress M-25M was launched on a 6-hours re... More 2014-10-29 TRACK IT!
SJ-11-08 SJ-11-08 is an experimental Shijian military satellite, which according to Xinhua will conduct scientific experiments in space. The spacecraft was developed by China Spacesat Co. Ltd. under the superv... More 2014-10-27 TRACK IT!
EXPRESS AM-6 EXPRESS AM-6 is a Russian geostationary communications satellite. Built by ISS Reshetnev, a Russian satellite contractor, Express AM6 will use electric thrusters to circularize its orbit over the next... More 2014-10-21 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 22 YAOGAN 22 is Chinesea reconnaissance satellite. China did not announce the launch ahead of time, keeping with standard practice for nearly all Chinese rocket flights. Tracking data from the U.S. Air F... More 2014-10-20 TRACK IT!
ARSAT 1 ARSAT-1 is a geostationary communications satellite operated by AR-SAT and built by the Argentinian company INVAP. It is expected to be located at 72Âş West longitude geostationary slot. ARSAT-1 is th... More 2014-10-16 TRACK IT!
INTELSAT 30 (IS-30) INTELSAT 30 is a geostationary satellite, equipped with 72 Ku-band and 10 C-band transponders and designed for a 15-year mission, covering Latin America. DirecTV Latin America has leased spacecraft's ... More 2014-10-16 TRACK IT!
IRNSS 1C IRNSS 1C is part of IRNSS constellation of satellites providing navigational services to the region. Designed for a 10-year lifetime, the IRNSS 1C satellite joins two navigation satellites launched in... More 2014-10-15 TRACK IT!
HIMAWARI 8 HIMAWARI 8 is a Japanese weather satellite, the 8th of the Himawari geostationary weather satellite operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The spacecraft was constructed by Mitsubishi Electric, ... More 2014-10-06 TRACK IT!
SJ-11-07 SJ-11-07 is an experiemtal Chinese satellite. China has not disclosed the purpose of the Shijian 11 satellite series other than classifying them as experimental missions. It's been reported that Shiji... More 2014-09-28 TRACK IT!
LUCH (OLYMP) LUCH (OLYMP) is a secretive Russian military satellite. Russia has revealed little about the mission—also known as Olymp—other than the spacecraft was built by ISS Reshetnev, a Russian satellite m... More 2014-09-27 TRACK IT!
SOYUZ-TMA 14M Soyuz TMA-14M is a 2014 flight to the International Space Station. It transported three members of the Expedition 41 crew to the International Space Station. TMA-14M is the 123rd flight of a Soyuz spa... More 2014-09-25 TRACK IT!
USA 257 (CLIO) The CLIO satellite's purpose has not been revealed, but officials acknowledged it was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corp. in a commercial arrangement with the craft's user: an unidentified U.S. gove... More 2014-09-17 TRACK IT!
MEASAT 3B MEASAT 3B is a 13,000-pound (5,897-kilogram) geostationaysatellite taking a slot over the equator at 91.5 degrees east. Outfitted with 48 Ku-band transponders, Measat 3b will expand direct-to-home tel... More 2014-09-11 TRACK IT!
OPTUS 10 OPTUS 10 is a geostationary satellite designed to support television broadcasts, Internet, telephone and data transmission services to Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic region. Launched for the... More 2014-09-11 TRACK IT!
TIANTUO 2 2014-09-08 TRACK IT!
YAOGAN 21 2014-09-08 TRACK IT!
ASIASAT 6 2014-09-07 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 17 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 18 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
CHUANG XIN 1-04 CHUANGXIN 1-04 is a small satellite designed to gather and transmit data for disaster relief and economic development applications. The craft's mission includes collecting hydrological, meteorological... More 2014-09-04 TRACK IT!
LING QIAO LING QIAO is a small experimental spacecraft placed into orbit for a joint mission managed by Tsinghua University and Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese telecom operator. The satell... More 2014-09-04 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 8 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 7 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 2 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
FLOCK 1B 1 1998-11-20 TRACK IT!
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