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This is a listing of the most recent launched satellites, ordered by launch date

Name Description Launched Action
BULGARIASAT-1 June 23, 2017
COSMOS 2519 June 23, 2017
CHINASAT 9A CHINASAT 9A is a Chinese satellite that was supposed to enter service in geostationary orbit over the equator at 101.4 degree east longitude. June 18, 2017
ZHUHAI-1 02 The ZHUHAI-1 02 satellite is one of the first two members of a commercial constellation of Earth-imaging craft for Zhuhai Orbita Control Engineering Co. June 15, 2017
NUSAT-3C The NUSAT-3C microsatellite owned by Satellogic (Argentina) was Built in Montevideo, Uruguay, by a Satellogic subsidiary company. June 15, 2017
ZHUHAI-1 01 The ZHUHAI-1 01 satellite is one of the first two members of a commercial constellation of Earth-imaging craft for Zhuhai Orbita Control Engineering Co. June 15, 2017
HXMT (HUIYAN) HXMT (HUIYAN, Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope) is China's first X-ray astronomy satellite, designed to survey the Milky Way galaxy for black holes and pulsars, and detect gamma-ray bursts, the most violent explosions in the universe. June 15, 2017
PROGRESS MS-06 PROGRESS MS-06 is a Progress spacecraft used by Roscosmos to resupply the International Space Station (ISS). June 14, 2017
ECHOSTAR 21 ECHOSTAR 21, formerly known as TerreStar 2, is a communications satellite under commercial operation by the EchoStar Corporation, hosting an S-Band payload operating in the previously unavailable 2 GHz band to deliver mobile connectivity throughout Europe. June 8, 2017
GSAT 19 GSAT-19 is an Indian communications satellite launched by the ISRO. June 5, 2017
DRAGON CRS-11 DRAGON CRS-11 is a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station, launched successfully on 3 June 2017. June 3, 2017
EUTELSAT 172B EUTELSAT 172B is a communications satellite featuring a C-band, a Ku-band and a high throughput payload and all electric orbital raising. June 1, 2017
VIASAT 2 VIASAT 2 is a commercial communications satellite which will be the world's highest capacity communications satellite after it becomes commercially available in early 2018. June 1, 2017
QZS-2 OZS 2 (Quasi Zenith Satellite) is a Japanese satellite navigation system operating from inclined, elliptical geosynchronous orbits to achieve optimal high-elevation visibility in urban canyons and mountainous areas. June 1, 2017
ATLANTIS November 20, 1998
BEEAGLESAT BEEAGLESAT is a 2U CubeSat launched within the EU FP7 project QB 50, manufactured by Istanbul Technical University and Turkish Air Force Academy. November 20, 1998
AOXIANG-1 AOXIANG-1 is a 2U-CubeSat launched with the bulk of the QB50 constellation to the ISS, designed and built at the Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory (SELM), Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU). November 20, 1998
EXALTA-1 EXALTA-1 is the first satellite ever built in Alberta (Canada), being part of QB 50 project. November 20, 1998
SNUSAT-1 (2) SNUSAT-1 (2) (Seoul National University Satellite 1), is a South Korean 2U-CubeSat designed by the Seoul National University participating in the QB50 project. November 20, 1998
POLYITAN-2-SAU POLYITAN-2-SAU is a 2U CubeSat designed and built by the National Technical University of Ukraine – KPI in cooperation with the Ukrainian HAM radio community. November 20, 1998
I-INSPIRE II I-INSPIRE II is an Australian 2U-CubeSat designed by University of Sydney participating in the QB50 project. November 20, 1998
SUSAT SUSAT (University of Adelaide Satellite) is a 2U-CubeSat for technolgy development and upper atmosphere science. November 20, 1998
AALTO-2 AALTO-2 satellite is a 2U CubeSat format satellite for the QB50 atmospheric measurement mission. November 20, 1998
QBITO November 20, 1998
SNUSAT-1 November 20, 1998
NSIGHT-1 November 20, 1998
LILACSAT-1 LILACSAT-1 is a 2U-CubeSat for education, upper atmosphere science, amateur radio communication and technology demonstration, built by a team of students of Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). November 20, 1998
DUTHSAT November 20, 1998
CHALLENGER November 20, 1998
NJUST-1 November 20, 1998
UNSW-ECO November 20, 1998
COSMOS 2518 COSMOS 2518 is a Russias military satellite, joining a network of orbiting early warning stations detecting and tracking missile launches around the world, providing the Russian government notice of potential attack. May 25, 2017
HOOPOE November 20, 1998
SPACECUBE November 20, 1998
UPSAT November 20, 1998
CSUNSAT1 November 20, 1998
LINK November 20, 1998
AEROSAT November 20, 1998
SHARC November 20, 1998
ALTAIR November 20, 1998
SES-15 SES-15 is a geostationary communications satellite designed to help airline travelers stay connected and improve air navigation over the United States. May 18, 2017
OBEE November 20, 1998
XCUBESAT November 20, 1998
PHOENIX November 20, 1998
ICECUBE November 20, 1998
CXBN-2 November 20, 1998
SGSAT November 20, 1998
COLUMBIA November 20, 1998
HAVELSAT November 20, 1998
SOMP2 November 20, 1998