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THEMIS E is classified as:

NORAD ID: 30798
Int'l Code: 2007-004E
Perigee: 824.6 km
Apogee: 70,742.2 km
Inclination: 9.1 °
Period: 1,435.6 minutes
Semi major axis: 42154 km
RCS: 0.6325 m2 (medium)
Launch date: February 17, 2007
Source: United States (US)

Aiming to uncover the physics that power the auroras that crown Earth's poles, five tiny probes have been launched into space for a synchronized orbital dance to locate where the trigger is pulled to create the eerily magnificent displays. Each of the 282-pound spacecraft is equipped with identical suites of instruments to examine the origin of space explosions known as substorms. The events start with the soup of ionized particles from the sun, called the solar wind, buffeting the Earth at a million miles per hour. Some of that energy gets trapped in the magnetic field, causing the field lines to stretch back in the direction opposite the sun like rubberbands. But when stretched too far the lines snap, releasing the energy that generates shimmering auroral displays.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 30798U 07004E   15140.47336358 -.00000538  00000-0  54488-2 0  9996
2 30798 009.1095 318.7770 8293031 274.0352 006.6452 01.00308735 30020

Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC

N2YO: 348