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COSMOS 2436 (GLONASS) is classified as:

NORAD ID: 32395
Int'l Code: 2007-065C
Perigee: 19,098.0 km
Apogee: 19,176.0 km
Inclination: 65.4 °
Period: 675.7 minutes
Semi major axis: 25507 km
RCS: 3.9811 m2 (large)
Launch date: December 25, 2007
Source: Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) (CIS)
SV: 723

Glonass is a radio satellite navigation system, the former Soviet and now Russian counterpart to the United States' GPS system and the European Union's embryonic Galileo positioning system. It is operated for the Russian government by the Russian Space Forces.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 32395U 07065C   15244.69477539 -.00000043  00000-0  10000-3 0  9998
2 32395  65.3811 326.3790 0015291 352.5686  50.5009  2.13102934 59740

Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC

N2YO: 382