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SUMBANDILA is classified as:

NORAD ID: 35870
Int'l Code: 2009-049F
Perigee: 418.9 km
Apogee: 419.3 km
Inclination: 97.1 °
Period: 92.8 minutes
Semi major axis: 6790 km
RCS: 0.3225 m2 (medium)
Launch date: September 17, 2009
Source: South Africa (SAFR)
Uplink (MHz): 145.875
Downlink (MHz): 435.345
Beacon (MHz): 435.300
Mode: FM_tone 233.6Hz
Call sign:
Status: Inactive

Sumbandila is a South African micro earth observation satellite. The first part of the name, Sumbandila, is from the Venda language and means "lead the way". The University of Stellenbosch, SunSpace and the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) were key players in constructing SumbandilaSat. The CSIR's Satellite Application Centre (CSIR-SAC) will be responsible for operations, telemetry, tracking, control as well as data capturing. SumbandilaSat is part of a closely integrated South African space programme and will serve as a research tool to investigate the viability of affordable space technology. Furthermore, the data will be used to, amongst others, monitor and manage disasters such as flooding, oil spills and fires within Southern Africa.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 35870U 09049F   17017.82898324  .00003563  00000-0  61552-4 0  9995
2 35870  97.1106  36.0398 0000285  54.1256  72.3487 15.51646156409897
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC