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IPEX is classified as:

NORAD ID: 39471
Int'l Code: 2013-072K
Perigee: 463.9 km
Apogee: 843.1 km
Inclination: 120.5 °
Period: 97.7 minutes
Semi major axis: 7024 km
RCS: Unknown
Launch date: December 6, 2013
Source: United States (US)
Uplink (MHz):
Downlink (MHz): 437.270
Beacon (MHz): 437.270
Mode: 9600bps GMSK CW
Call sign: KJ6KSL-1
Status: Inactive

IPEX, or the Intelligent Payload Experiment, was provided by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Cal Poly. Carrying several low-resolution cameras, IPEX will validate several technologies for future NASA Earth observation missions, including autonomous on-board data processing, direct downlink operations, and automated ground operations.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 39471U 13072K   17142.30981327 +.00000041 +00000-0 +33757-4 0 04400
2 39471 120.4889 083.6837 0269944 180.1103 179.9917 14.74627279073294
Source of the keplerian elements: Caltech