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SNUSAT-1 (2)

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SNUSAT-1 (2) is classified as:

NORAD ID: 42733
Int'l Code: 1998-067MN
Perigee: 403.2 km
Apogee: 413.2 km
Inclination: 51.6 °
Period: 92.6 minutes
Semi major axis: 6779 km
RCS: Unknown
Launch date: November 20, 1998
Source: South Korea (SKOR)
Uplink (MHz):
Downlink (MHz): 435.950
Beacon (MHz):
Mode: 9600bps BPSK
Call sign:

SNUSAT-1 (2) (Seoul National University Satellite 1), is a South Korean 2U-CubeSat designed by the Seoul National University participating in the QB50 project. It carries the Flux-?-Probe Experiment (FIPEX) as the primary payload for the QB50 project, measuring lower thermosphere constituents at altitudes starting from 350 km and down as the orbit decays due to atmospheric drag. The secondary mission is validation of fault-detection, isolation and recovery algorithm developed by Seoul National Unit and imaging space environment.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 42733U 98067MN  17177.85344699 +.00009783 +00000-0 +14793-3 0  9994
2 42733 051.6403 349.9081 0007305 294.5609 065.4620 15.55376107004843
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC