Intelsat Satellites

Intelsat, Ltd. is the world’s largest commercial satellite communications services provider. On July 18, 2001, Intelsat became a private company, 37 years after being formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium (INTELSAT), an intergovernmental consortium owning and managing a constellation of communications satellites (Intelsats) to provide international broadcast services.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
INTELSAT 16363972010-006AFebruary 12, 20101436.1Track it
INTELSAT 15361062009-067ANovember 30, 20091436.1Track it
INTELSAT 14360972009-064ANovember 23, 20091436.1Track it
GALAXY 28 (IA 8)287022005-022AJune 23, 20051436.1Track it
INTELSAT 1002283582004-022AJune 16, 20041436.1Track it
INTELSAT 907276832003-007AFebruary 15, 20031436.1Track it
INTELSAT 906275132002-041ASeptember 6, 20021436.1Track it
INTELSAT 905274382002-027AJune 5, 20021436.1Track it
INTELSAT 903274032002-016AMarch 30, 20021436.1Track it
INTELSAT 904273802002-007AFebruary 23, 20021436.1Track it
INTELSAT 902269002001-039AAugust 30, 20011436.1Track it
INTELSAT 901268242001-024AJune 9, 20011436.1Track it
INTELSAT 805253711998-037AJune 18, 19981436.1Track it
NSS 806 (INTELSAT 806)252391998-014AFebruary 28, 19981436.1Track it
INTELSAT 804251101997-083ADecember 21, 19971435.6Track it
NSS 5 (INTELSAT 803)249571997-053ASeptember 23, 19971436.1Track it
INTELSAT 802248461997-031AJune 25, 19971467.7Track it
INTELSAT 801247421997-009AMarch 1, 19971458.4Track it
INTELSAT 709239151996-035AJune 15, 19961451.9Track it
INTELSAT 707238161996-015AMarch 14, 19961462.2Track it
INTELSAT 706235711995-023AMay 17, 19951453.7Track it
INTELSAT 705235281995-013AMarch 22, 19951455Track it
INTELSAT 704234611995-001AJanuary 10, 19951451.9Track it
NSS 703 (INTELSAT 703)233051994-064AOctober 6, 19941450.1Track it
INTELSAT 702231241994-034AJune 17, 19941436Track it
INTELSAT 701228711993-066AOctober 22, 19931436.1Track it
NSS K (INTELSAT K)219891992-032AJune 10, 19921481.8Track it
INTELSAT 601217651991-075AOctober 29, 19911445.9Track it
INTELSAT 605216531991-055AAugust 14, 19911449.8Track it
INTELSAT 604206671990-056AJune 23, 19901462.9Track it
INTELSAT 603205231990-021AMarch 14, 19901447.6Track it
INTELSAT 602203151989-087AOctober 27, 19891454.5Track it
INTELSAT 515197721989-006AJanuary 27, 19891453Track it
NSS 513 (INTELSAT 513)191211988-040AMay 17, 19881460.8Track it
INTELSAT 512161011985-087ASeptember 28, 19851452.8Track it
INTELSAT 511158731985-055AJune 30, 19851438.6Track it
INTELSAT 510156291985-025AMarch 22, 19851465.1Track it
INTELSAT 508147861984-023AMarch 5, 19841480.1Track it
INTELSAT 507144211983-105AOctober 19, 19831444.5Track it
INTELSAT 506140771983-047AMay 19, 19831452.2Track it
INTELSAT 505135951982-097ASeptember 28, 19821463.3Track it
INTELSAT 504130831982-017AMarch 5, 19821451.3Track it
INTELSAT 503129941981-119ADecember 15, 19811447.7Track it
INTELSAT 501124741981-050AMay 23, 19811456.7Track it
INTELSAT 502120891980-098ADecember 6, 19801456.2Track it
INTELSAT 4A-F6107781978-035AMarch 31, 19781437.8Track it
INTELSAT 4A-F3105571978-002AJanuary 7, 19781441.3Track it
INTELSAT 4A-F4100241977-041AMay 26, 19771448.1Track it
INTELSAT 4A-F286201976-010AJanuary 29, 19761444.4Track it
INTELSAT 4A-F183301975-091ASeptember 26, 19751440.9Track it
INTELSAT 4-F178151975-042AMay 22, 19751450.7Track it
INTELSAT 4-F875441974-093ANovember 21, 19741443Track it
INTELSAT 4-F767961973-058AAugust 23, 19731452.4Track it
INTELSAT 4-F560521972-041AJune 13, 19721438.3Track it
INTELSAT 4-F457751972-003AJanuary 23, 19721442.4Track it
INTELSAT 4-F357091971-116ADecember 20, 19711445.4Track it
INTELSAT 4-F248811971-006AJanuary 26, 19711457Track it
INTELSAT 3-F844781970-055AJuly 23, 19701408.1Track it
INTELSAT 3-F743761970-032AApril 23, 19701436.9Track it
INTELSAT 3-F642971970-003AJanuary 15, 19701452.3Track it
INTELSAT 3-F439471969-045AMay 22, 19691599.2Track it
INTELSAT 3-F336741969-011AFebruary 6, 19691695.5Track it
INTELSAT 3-F236231968-116ADecember 19, 19681596.6Track it
INTELSAT 2-F429691967-094ASeptember 28, 19671434.7Track it
INTELSAT 2-F327171967-026AMarch 23, 19671436.6Track it
INTELSAT 2-F226391967-001AJanuary 11, 19671437.6Track it
INTELSAT 2-F125141966-096AOctober 26, 1966717.9Track it
INTELSAT 1-F113171965-028AApril 6, 19651435Track it

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