Gorizont Satellites

Gorizont is a series of 35 Russian geosynchronous communication satellites launched between 1978 and 2000.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
GORIZONT 33263722000-029AJune 6, 20001435.3Track it
GORIZONT 32238801996-034AMay 25, 19961437.3Track it
GORIZONT 31237751996-005AJanuary 25, 19961441.5Track it
GORIZONT 30231081994-030AMay 20, 19941436.2Track it
GORIZONT 29229071993-072ANovember 18, 19931437.8Track it
GORIZONT 28228801993-069AOctober 28, 19931445.1Track it
GORIZONT 27222451992-082ANovember 27, 19921437Track it
GORIZONT 26220411992-043AJuly 14, 19921451Track it
GORIZONT 25219221992-017AApril 2, 19921442.1Track it
GORIZONT 24217591991-074AOctober 23, 19911462.8Track it
GORIZONT 23215331991-046AJuly 1, 19911455.9Track it
GORIZONT 22209531990-102ANovember 23, 19901436.1Track it
GORIZONT 21209231990-094ANovember 3, 19901435.8Track it
GORIZONT 20206591990-054AJune 20, 19901435.7Track it
GORIZONT 19202631989-081ASeptember 28, 19891435.4Track it
GORIZONT 18201071989-052AJuly 5, 19891448.7Track it
GORIZONT 17197651989-004AJanuary 26, 19891453.6Track it
GORIZONT 16193971988-071AAugust 18, 19881440.5Track it
GORIZONT 15190171988-028AMarch 31, 19881472Track it
GORIZONT 14179691987-040AMay 11, 19871474.5Track it
GORIZONT 13170831986-090ANovember 18, 19861488.8Track it
GORIZONT 12167691986-044AJune 10, 19861436.7Track it
GORIZONT 11154841985-007AJanuary 18, 19851437.3Track it
GORIZONT 10151441984-078AAugust 1, 19841437.2Track it
GORIZONT 9149401984-041AApril 22, 19841435.4Track it
GORIZONT 8145321983-118ANovember 30, 19831465.4Track it
GORIZONT 7141601983-066AJune 30, 19831464.2Track it
GORIZONT 6136241982-103AOctober 20, 19821435.8Track it
GORIZONT 5130921982-020AMarch 15, 19821461.5Track it
GORIZONT 4118411980-049AJune 14, 19801460Track it
GORIZONT 3116481979-105ADecember 28, 19791436.1Track it
GORIZONT 2114401979-062AJuly 5, 19791436.1Track it
GORIZONT 1111581978-118ADecember 19, 19781435.9Track it

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