Raduga Satellites

According to the official Soviet sources, the Raduga was designed to support the Orbita ground TV network, as well as provide telephone and telegraph communications across the entire Eastern hemisphere except for polar regions.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
COSMOS 63772291974-017AMarch 26, 19741428.9Track it
RADUGA 185131975-123ADecember 22, 19751435.9Track it
RADUGA 294161976-092ASeptember 11, 19761436.4Track it
RADUGA 3101591977-071AJuly 23, 19771436.3Track it
RADUGA 4109871978-073AJuly 18, 19781436.8Track it
RADUGA 5113431979-035AApril 25, 19791436.1Track it
RADUGA 6117081980-016AFebruary 20, 19801436.4Track it
RADUGA 7120031980-081AOctober 5, 19801436.5Track it
RADUGA 8123511981-027AMarch 18, 19811434.8Track it
RADUGA 9126181981-069AJuly 30, 19811435.5Track it
RADUGA 10128971981-102AOctober 9, 19811436.4Track it
RADUGA 11136691982-113ANovember 26, 19821473.8Track it
RADUGA 12139741983-028AApril 8, 19831436.1Track it
RADUGA 13143071983-088AAugust 25, 19831466.8Track it
RADUGA 14147251984-016AFebruary 15, 19841436.2Track it
RADUGA 15150571984-063AJune 22, 19841437Track it
RADUGA 16159461985-070AAugust 8, 19851435.6Track it
RADUGA 17162501985-107ANovember 15, 19851437.6Track it
RADUGA 18164971986-007AJanuary 17, 19861457.3Track it
RADUGA 19170461986-082AOctober 25, 19861462.5Track it
RADUGA 20176111987-028AMarch 19, 19871500.6Track it
RADUGA 21186311987-100ADecember 10, 19871436.8Track it
RADUGA 22195961988-095AOctober 20, 19881434.5Track it
RADUGA 23199281989-030AApril 14, 19891434.9Track it
RADUGA 1-1200831989-048AJune 21, 19891458.9Track it
RADUGA 24203671989-098ADecember 15, 19891436.3Track it
RADUGA 25204991990-016AFebruary 15, 19901437.3Track it
RADUGA 26210161990-112ADecember 20, 19901436.9Track it
RADUGA 1-2210381990-116ADecember 27, 19901436.7Track it
RADUGA 27211321991-014AFebruary 28, 19911435.7Track it
RADUGA 28218211991-087ADecember 19, 19911437.3Track it
RADUGA 29225571993-013AMarch 25, 19931437.2Track it
RADUGA 30228361993-062ASeptember 30, 19931435.9Track it
RADUGA 1-3229811994-008AFebruary 5, 19941435.3Track it
RADUGA 31230101994-012AFebruary 18, 19941436.7Track it
RADUGA 32234481994-087ADecember 28, 19941435.9Track it
RADUGA 1-4256421999-010AFebruary 28, 19991436.1Track it
RADUGA 1-5264772000-049AAugust 28, 20001437.1Track it
RADUGA 1-6269362001-045AOctober 6, 20011473.3Track it
RADUGA 1-7281942004-010AMarch 27, 20041436.2Track it
RADUGA 1M-1323732007-058ADecember 9, 20071448.7Track it
RADUGA-1 8342642009-010AFebruary 28, 20091436Track it
RADUGA 1M-2363582010-002AJanuary 28, 20101436.2Track it
RADUGA-1M 3393752013-062ANovember 11, 20131436.1Track it

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