Molniya Satellites

Molniya ("lightning") was a military communications satellite system used by the Soviet Union. The satellites used highly eccentric elliptical orbits of +63.4 degrees inclination and orbital period of about 12 hours (called Molniya orbits), which allowed them to be visible to polar regions for long periods. Details

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
MOLNIYA 1-44114741979-070AJuly 31, 1979136.5Track it | Passes
MOLNIYA 1-86226711993-035AMay 26, 1993256.6Track it | Passes
MOLNIYA 1-88234201994-081ADecember 14, 1994430.5Track it | Passes
MOLNIYA 3-24157381985-040AMay 29, 1985563.3Track it
MOLNIYA 3-51268672001-030AJuly 20, 2001572.9Track it
MOLNIYA 2-972761974-026AApril 26, 1974591.9Track it
MOLNIYA 3-10110571978-095AOctober 13, 1978614.8Track it
MOLNIYA 1-42110071978-080AAugust 22, 1978621.5Track it
MOLNIYA 3-42221781992-067AOctober 14, 1992653.3Track it
MOLNIYA 3-27163931985-117ADecember 24, 1985678Track it
MOLNIYA 1-49121561981-009AJanuary 30, 1981700Track it
MOLNIYA 1-80211181991-012AFebruary 15, 1991701.7Track it
MOLNIYA 1-90249601997-054ASeptember 24, 1997703.3Track it
MOLNIYA 3-41217061991-065ASeptember 17, 1991704.7Track it
MOLNIYA 3-40211961991-022AMarch 22, 1991709.3Track it
MOLNIYA 2-1380151975-063AJuly 8, 1975716.7Track it
MOLNIYA 3-8104551977-105AOctober 28, 1977716.9Track it
MOLNIYA 1-63154291984-124ADecember 14, 1984717.4Track it
MOLNIYA 3-20138751983-015AMarch 11, 1983717.5Track it
MOLNIYA 1-52130121981-123ADecember 23, 1981717.5Track it
MOLNIYA 1-3698801977-021AMarch 24, 1977717.5Track it
MOLNIYA 3-384251975-105ANovember 14, 1975717.5Track it
MOLNIYA 1-2977801975-036AApril 29, 1975717.5Track it
MOLNIYA 1-91254851998-054ASeptember 28, 1998717.6Track it
MOLNIYA 3-47236421995-042AAugust 9, 1995717.6Track it
MOLNIYA 3-31173281987-008AJanuary 22, 1987717.6Track it
MOLNIYA 1-69170781986-089ANovember 15, 1986717.6Track it
MOLNIYA 1-53130701982-015AFebruary 26, 1982717.6Track it
MOLNIYA 1-93281632004-005AFebruary 18, 2004717.7Track it
MOLNIYA 1-81214261991-043AJune 18, 1991717.7Track it
MOLNIYA 1-71189461988-017AMarch 11, 1988717.7Track it
MOLNIYA 3-50258471999-036AJuly 8, 1999717.8Track it
MOLNIYA 3-13118961980-063AJuly 18, 1980717.8Track it
MOLNIYA 3-799411977-032AApril 28, 1977717.8Track it
MOLNIYA 2-1073761974-056AJuly 23, 1974717.8Track it
MOLNIYA 1-40109251978-055AJune 2, 1978718Track it
MOLNIYA 2-1481951975-081ASeptember 9, 1975718.1Track it
MOLNIYA 1-87229491993-079ADecember 22, 1993718.2Track it
MOLNIYA 2-1798291977-010AFebruary 11, 1977718.2Track it
MOLNIYA 1-75198071989-014AFebruary 15, 1989719.1Track it
MOLNIYA 1-3286011976-006AJanuary 22, 1976720.3Track it
MOLNIYA 1-56138901983-019AMarch 16, 1983720.6Track it
MOLNIYA 1-62152141984-089AAugust 24, 1984727.6Track it
MOLNIYA 1-S73921974-060AJuly 29, 19741435.9Track it

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