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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
SPACE STATION255441998-067ANovember 20, 199892.7
PROGRESS MS-05420562017-010AFebruary 22, 201792.7
SOYUZ MS-04426822017-020AApril 20, 201792.7
PROGRESS MS-06427562017-033AJune 14, 201792.7
FABRIC SHIELD (ISS DEB)424341998-067LFNovember 20, 199892.1
ISS (ZVEZDA)264002000-037AJuly 12, 200091.7
POISK360862009-060ANovember 10, 200991.3
TIANGONG 1378202011-053ASeptember 29, 201191.1
ISS (UNITY)255751998-069FDecember 4, 1998-Unable to track
ISS (DESTINY)267002001-006BFebruary 7, 2001-Unable to track