Experimental Satellites
in your sky right now

This table is listing all Experimental satellites that are over 20° above the horizon at your location. Use the check box to select satellites for tracking. Do not select too many as the tracking page may be slow. A reasonable amount of objects to be tracked simultaneously could be 2-10. The table is sortable. Please click on the header for ascending/descending sorting.

NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
OPS 9328 (IDSCS 15)26551967-003HJanuary 18, 19671342.9
VEP229791994-007BFebruary 3, 1994638.8
MAQSAT/ARIANE 5255031998-059AOctober 21, 1998641.2
SEA LAUNCH DEMO256611999-014AMarch 28, 1999645
STRV 1D266112000-072DNovember 16, 2000708.1
MDS 1273672002-003AFebruary 4, 2002294.9
DASH/VEP 3273682002-003BFebruary 4, 2002620.1
SLOSHSAT285442005-005CFebruary 12, 2005587.8
MAQSAT/ARIANE 5285452005-005DFebruary 12, 2005595.9
DART286422005-014AApril 15, 200592.7
BEIDOU M1311152007-011AApril 13, 2007812
DUMMY SAT 2/BREEZE-M403552014-085ADecember 23, 20141530.9

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