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For further reading about satellites and satellite tracking, please consider visiting the following web pages:

  • - An excellent reference about satellite tracking

  • Heavens-Above - Dedicated to satellite and astronomy observations

  • - The ultimate source for space surveillance data

  • Xplanet - Free software designed to render celestial bodies and more

  • Project Pluto - Source code for astronomical calculation, including satellite orbits

  • - Find the magnetic declination at your location with Google Maps API

  • IP2LOCATION - Identify visitor's geographical location using a proprietary ip address lookup database

  • SPACEWARN Bulletin - A monthly publication of the National Space Science Data Center/World Data Center for Satellite Information

  • Mike McCants' Satellite Tracking Web Pages - A well organized place for classified satellites tracking

  • Visual Satellite Web Pages - Dedicated to visual satellite observing

  • Jonathan's Space Report - Well maintained information on recently launched satellites

  • ARRL - The American Radio Relay League

  • AMSAT - A worldwide group of Amateur Radio Operators who share an active interest in Amateur Radio satellites

  • - The Southwest's Source for Space and Astronomy Information. Military space related content

  • SatBeams - Dedicated to geostationary satellites. The footprints are graphically diplayed over Google maps

  • - Very useful online resource for VHF to EHF satellite reception and monitoring