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Now you could be alerted on your mobile device1) and/or email just before your favorite satellite comes over the horizon!

This is what you have to do:

  • Register with It's simple and free. If already registered, just login.

  • Set your email address and your mobile phone number1) on your profile. Make sure the information is valid.

  • Create your default observing location. If you already have one created, it would be automatically selected. If you have more than one, make sure you select a location where you are physically located so the alert would make sense.

  • You are now ready to create your first notification. Select a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite so that you could see the "10-day predictions" link. A great choice could be the International Space Station (ISS). Click the "10-day predictions" link. Take this shortcut for ISS.

  • By default you will see the visible passes of the satellite over your area for the next few days. You could display all satellite passes once you click on "See all passes" button. The "all passes" list could be useful for those performing radio communications via LEO satellites (e.g. amateur radio enthusiasts). Click on "Mas and details" link.

  • You should now see among other things the "Add this pass on your notification list". The button is visible only if you are currently logged in. Click it.

  • The pass is now added on your notification list so you just have to select when to be alerted and how.

    When? There are 3 choices: 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes before pass beginning. Choices are selectable via a dropdown list.

    How? By email (the message is sent at the address on your profile) and/or by SMS (Short Message Service) known also as "texting" (sent at the mobile phone number on your profile)1).

    Once you click on "Set alert" you are done. Just wait for the alert to come. You could have more than one notification active at a given time. All active notifications are listed here. Expired notifications are removed from the list.

    The alert sent by email contains all details about the pass as seen on the web site.

    The alert sent by SMS/texting contains only a few details about the pass since a limited number of characters are allowed by this service.

    Comments about the notification system at are welcome. If you enjoy using this service please consider that a donation would help to cover the costs of keeping the new feature and the web site up and running.



    Although the alerting system is free, standard texting rates do apply on your cell phone service. For example on your particular cell phone contract if you go over your texting limit you might get billed more. Please check with your mobile phone carrier.

    The Short Message Service (SMS) is known as not being very reliable. Sometimes text messages are delayed or entirely dropped. guarantees that the message is sent but cannot control its delivery. Text messages are usually delivered to mobile phones in a few seconds to a few minutes. During peak hours, there could be some delays. Additional delays may occur if your phone is turned off or out of the coverage area. Please plan your alert time accordingly. Reasons that you may not receive a text message include (but are not limited to): memory full, out of network, and a number typed incorrectly.

    While using the notification system you agree NOT to create alerts to send unsolicited Text Messages or Spam. If we suspect a violation of this rule, we will take actions ranging from warnings, to termination of service.

    1)Texting/SMS messages can be delivered only to USA and Canada cell phone customers.