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This is a listing of the most recent launched satellites, ordered by launch date

Name Description Launched Action
ES'HAIL 2 November 15, 2018
GSAT 29 November 14, 2018
IRVINE 01 The Irvine 01 is a 1U CubeSat built by a team of students from five high schools, with guidance from universities and industry experts. November 11, 2018
CICERO 10 November 11, 2018
METOP-C November 7, 2018
COSMOS 2529 (GLONASS) November 3, 2018
BEIDOU 3G1 November 1, 2018
REMDEB-DS2 November 20, 1998
STARS-AO October 29, 2018
DIWATA 2B October 29, 2018
TEN-KOH October 29, 2018
KHALIFASAT October 29, 2018
H-2A DEB October 29, 2018
H-2A DEB October 29, 2018
H-2A DEB October 29, 2018
GOSAT 2 October 29, 2018
TENKOU October 29, 2018
CUBEBEL-1(BSUSAT-1) October 29, 2018
COSMOS 2528 October 25, 2018
HAIYANG 2B October 24, 2018
BEPICOLOMBO October 20, 2018 Unable to track
AEHF 4 (USA 288) October 17, 2018
BEIDOU 3M16 October 15, 2018
BEIDOU 3M15 October 15, 2018
YAOGAN-32 B October 9, 2018
YAOGAN-32 A October 9, 2018
SAOCOM 1-A October 8, 2018
STARS-ME November 20, 1998
RSP-00 November 20, 1998
CENTISPACE-1 S1 September 29, 2018
HORIZONS 3E September 25, 2018
AZERSPACE 2/INTELSAT 38 AZERSPACE-2, also known as INTELSAT 38, is Azerbaijan's second telecommunications satellite, built by U. September 25, 2018
BEIDOU 3M14 September 19, 2018
BEIDOU 3M13 September 19, 2018
REMDEB-NET REMDEB-NET (RemoveDEBRIS, RemDeb) is a microsatellite built by SSTL to perform key Active Debris Removal (ADR) technology demonstrations (e. November 20, 1998
NOVASAR 1 NOVASAR-1 is a satellite developed by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) in the UK, utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar (or SAR) which is an advanced form of radar technology providing extremely high resolution images of Earth from space. September 16, 2018
SSTL S1-4 SSTL S1-4 (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd) is designed, together with other satellites part of DMC3 constellation to provide unparalleled 1 metre high resolution imagery with high speed downlink and 45 degrees off-pointing. September 16, 2018
ELFIN-A ELFIN-A (Electron Losses and Fields Investigation) is a 3U cubesat mission developed the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences department at UCLA in collaboration with the Aerospace Corporation to explore the mechanisms responsible for the loss of relativistic electrons from the radiation belts. September 15, 2018
ELFIN-B ELFIN-B (ELFIN-STAR, Electron Losses and Fields Investigation with Spatio Temporal Ambiguity Resolution) is a cubesat identical to ELFIN-A, allowing two measurements to be made over the same location in orbit which can determine if electron loss mechanisms are varying spatially or temporally. September 15, 2018
CP-7 (DAVE) CP-7 (DAVE - Damping And Vibrations Experiment) is a collaboration between Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems and PolySat. September 15, 2018
SURFSAT SURFSAT is a cube satellite designed to collect data that should eventually help manufacturers build spacecraft that have appropriate surfaces to keep highly sensitive electronics safe during flight. September 15, 2018
ICESAT-2 ICESAT-2 is a satellite part of NASA's Earth Observing System with the goal to continue measuring and monitoring the impacts of the changing environment. September 15, 2018
TELSTAR 18V TELSTAR 18V (Telstar 18 Vantage / APStar 5C) is a geostationary communication satellite in the Telstar series of the Canadian satellite communications company Telesat. September 7, 2018
HAIYANG 1C HAIYANG 1C is a Chinese HaiYang (abbreviated HY) marine remote sensing satellite. September 7, 2018
BEIDOU 3M12 August 24, 2018
BEIDOU 3M11 August 24, 2018
AEOLUS AEOLUS is a European satellite hosting a spaceborne laser crafted to measure winds in Earth's atmosphere. August 22, 2018
SIRIUSSAT-2 (SXC1-182) SIRIUSSAT-2 and SIRIUSSAT-1 are two Russian scientific and educational 1U CubeSats assembled by schoolchildren in cooperation with SPUTNIX specialists. November 20, 1998
SIRIUSSAT-1 (SXC1-181) SIRIUSSAT-1 and SIRIUSSAT-2 are two Russian scientific and educational 1U CubeSats assembled by schoolchildren in cooperation with SPUTNIX specialists. November 20, 1998
PARKER SOLAR PROBE August 12, 2018 Unable to track