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Launches of November 1983

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
COSMOS 1508144831983-11-11IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B144841983-11-11DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509144901983-11-17DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B144981983-11-17DECAYED 
OPS 1294 (DMSP 5D-2 F7)145061983-11-18IN ORBIT
MOLNIYA 1-59145161983-11-23DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(1)145171983-11-23DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT145181983-11-23DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)145201983-11-23DECAYED 
COSMOS 1510145211983-11-24IN ORBIT
SL-14 R/B145221983-11-24IN ORBIT
STS 9145231983-11-28DECAYED 
COSMOS 1511145301983-11-30DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B145311983-11-30DECAYED 
GORIZONT 8145321983-11-30IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(1)145331983-11-30DECAYED 
SL-12 PLAT145341983-11-30DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509 DEB145351983-11-17DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509 DEB145361983-11-17DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)145371983-11-30DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)145381983-11-30DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509 DEB145391983-11-17DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509 DEB145401983-11-17DECAYED 
COSMOS 1509 DEB145411983-11-17DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(2)145481983-11-30IN ORBIT
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB145531983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB145541983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB146091983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB146101983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB284571983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB284581983-11-18DECAYED 
DMSP 5D-2 F7 DEB349881983-11-18DECAYED