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Launches of June 2007

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
COSMOS 2427315952007-06-07DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B315962007-06-07DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB315972007-06-07DECAYED 
SKYMED 1315982007-06-08IN ORBIT
DELTA 2 R/B315992007-06-08DECAYED 
STS 117316002007-06-08DECAYED 
OFEQ 7316012007-06-10IN ORBIT
SHAVIT R/B316022007-06-10DECAYED 
TERRA SAR X316982007-06-15IN ORBIT
SL-24 R/B316992007-06-15IN ORBIT
SL-24 DEB317002007-06-15DECAYED 
USA 194317012007-06-15IN ORBIT
ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/B317022007-06-15IN ORBIT
USA 194 DEB317082007-06-15IN ORBIT
GENESIS 2317892007-06-28IN ORBIT
SL-24 R/B317902007-06-28DECAYED 
SL-24 DEB317912007-06-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2428317922007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 R/B317932007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 DEB317942007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 DEB317952007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 DEB317962007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 DEB317992007-06-29IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2427 DEB320482007-06-07DECAYED 
COSMOS 2427 DEB320492007-06-07DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397432007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397442007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397452007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397462007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397472007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397482007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397492007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB397502007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB400522007-06-29DECAYED 
SL-16 DEB433742007-06-29IN ORBIT
SL-16 DEB433752007-06-29IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2428 DEB590472007-06-29IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2428 DEB590482007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB590492007-06-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 2428 DEB600092007-06-29IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2428 DEB600102007-06-29IN ORBIT