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Launches of September 2010

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
COSMOS 2466 (GLONASS)371372010-09-02IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2465 (GLONASS)371382010-09-02IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2464 (GLONASS)371392010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(2)371402010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 PLAT371412010-09-02DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(1)371422010-09-02DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)371432010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)371442010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB371452010-09-02DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB371462010-09-02DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB371472010-09-02DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB371492010-09-02DECAYED 
CHINASAT 6A371502010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B R/B371512010-09-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 2467371522010-09-08IN ORBIT
STRELA 3371532010-09-08IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2468371542010-09-08IN ORBIT
SL-19 R/B371552010-09-08IN ORBIT
PROGRESS-M 07M371562010-09-10DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B371572010-09-10DECAYED 
QZS-1 (MICHIBIKI)371582010-09-11IN ORBIT
H-2A R/B371592010-09-11IN ORBIT
USA 215371622010-09-21IN ORBIT
YAOGAN 11371652010-09-22IN ORBIT
ZHEDA PIXING 1B371662010-09-22IN ORBIT
ZHEDA PIXING 1C371672010-09-22IN ORBIT
SBSS (USA 216)371682010-09-26IN ORBIT
MINOTAUR 4 R/B371692010-09-26IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2469371702010-09-30DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)371712010-09-30IN ORBIT
SL-6 R/B(1)371722010-09-30DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT371732010-09-30DECAYED 
SL-6 DEB371762010-09-30DECAYED 
YAOGAN 11 DEB381742010-09-22IN ORBIT
YAOGAN 11 DEB381752010-09-22IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB387482010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393322010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393332010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393342010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393352010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393362010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB393372010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401582010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401592010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401602010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401612010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401622010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401632010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401642010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401652010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401662010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401672010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401682010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB401692010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB408142010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB408152010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424582010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424592010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424602010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424612010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424622010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424632010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424642010-09-04IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB424652010-09-04IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429732010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429742010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429752010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429762010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429772010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429782010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429792010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429802010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB429812010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445402010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445412010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445542010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445552010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445562010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445572010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445582010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445592010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445602010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445612010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445622010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB445632010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB448702010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB448712010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB448722010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB453492010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454932010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454942010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454952010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454962010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454972010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454982010-09-02IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB454992010-09-02IN ORBIT
CZ-3B DEB485422010-09-04IN ORBIT