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Launches of March 2015

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
ABS 3A404242015-03-02IN ORBIT
EUTE 115 WEST B (SATMEX 7404252015-03-02IN ORBIT
FALCON 9 R/B404262015-03-02DECAYED 
MMS 1404822015-03-13IN ORBIT
MMS 2404832015-03-13IN ORBIT
MMS 3404842015-03-13IN ORBIT
MMS 4404852015-03-13IN ORBIT
ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/B404862015-03-13DECAYED 
EXPRESS AM7405052015-03-18IN ORBIT
BREEZE-M R/B405062015-03-18IN ORBIT
BREEZE-M DEB (TANK)405072015-03-18IN ORBIT
NAVSTAR 73 (USA 260)405342015-03-25IN ORBIT
DELTA 4 R/B405352015-03-25IN ORBIT
KOMPSAT 3A405362015-03-25IN ORBIT
SL-24 DEB405372015-03-25DECAYED 
IGS OPTICAL 5405382015-03-26IN ORBIT
H-2A R/B405392015-03-26DECAYED 
H-2A DEB405402015-03-26DECAYED 
SL-24 R/B405412015-03-25IN ORBIT
SOYUZ-TMA 16M405422015-03-27DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B405432015-03-27DECAYED 
GSAT0203405442015-03-27IN ORBIT
GSAT0204405452015-03-27IN ORBIT
FREGAT R/B405462015-03-27IN ORBIT
IRNSS 1D405472015-03-28IN ORBIT
PSLV R/B405482015-03-28IN ORBIT
BEIDOU I1-S405492015-03-30IN ORBIT
CZ-3C R/B405502015-03-30DECAYED 
GONETS M 11 (M21)405522015-03-31IN ORBIT
GONETS M 12 (M22)405532015-03-31IN ORBIT
GONETS M 13 (M23)405542015-03-31IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2504405552015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM R/B405562015-03-31IN ORBIT
DELTA 4 DEB405972015-03-25DECAYED 
DELTA 4 DEB405982015-03-25DECAYED 
DELTA 4 DEB405992015-03-25DECAYED 
DELTA 4 DEB406492015-03-25IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417182015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417192015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417202015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417212015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417222015-03-31IN ORBIT
BREEZE-KM DEB417232015-03-31IN ORBIT
YZ-1 R/B419292015-03-30IN ORBIT