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ISS orbit raised by 400 meters

ISS orbit raised by 400 meters
The medium height of the International Space Station’s (ISS) flight orbit was raised by 400 meters with the help of the engines of the Zvezda module on Wednesday, Russia’s Mission Control told TASS. "The propulsion system of the Zvezda module has worked for 16 seconds. According to preliminary calculated data, the maneuver has increased the medium height of the ISS’s flight orbit by 0.4 kilometer to 404.3 km," Mission Control said. The engines of the ISS module were switched on at 23.15 Moscow time. The adjustment aimed to create ballistic conditions for bringing a Progress-MS-08 resupply ship into orbit. The space freighter’s launch is scheduled for 11 February 2018.    More

(Source: TASS - Jan 18)

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