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RADIO ROSTO is classified as:

NORAD ID: 23439
Int'l Code: 1994-085A
Perigee: 1,891.4 km
Apogee: 2,167.7 km
Inclination: 64.8 °
Period: 127.7 minutes
Semi major axis: 8400 km
RCS: 0.626 m2 (medium)
Launch date: December 26, 1994
Source: Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) (CIS)

RADIO ROSTO is the fifteenth Russian amateur radio spacecraft. ROSTO is an acronym for Russian Defence, Sports, and Technical Organization. The initial orbit was 2165 x 1885 km, with an inclination of 64.6 deg. The 70-kg micro-satellite carries linear communications transponders. It is spherical in shape and about 1 m in diameter. The onboard electronics equipment was designed and built by a group of radio amateurs from Kaluga, a town 180 km SW of Moscow. Radio-ROSTO was seen as the precursor to a proposed constellation of Radio-M spacecraft. Also launched by Rokot but into orbits of 950 - 1,000 km at 65 degrees, the network would consist of up to 6 spacecraft working with uplink and downlink frequencies of 435 MHz and 146 MHz and an output transmitter power of 20 W. Radio M spacecraft will be nearly twice as massive with a total mass of 120 kg. An alternative system would consist of six Radio-ROSTO class spacecraft in circular orbits near 1,950 km at inclinations of 65 degrees.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 23439U 94085A   21295.97339925 -.00000037  00000-0  15882-3 0  9991
2 23439  64.8155 169.7161 0164469 313.1980  45.5302 11.27570299104713
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC