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USA 193

USA 193 is no longer on orbit
USA 193 is classified as:

NORAD ID: 29651
Int'l Code: 2006-057A
Launch date: December 14, 2006
Source: United States (US)
Decay date: 2008-02-29

USA 193 is an American military satellite that was launched from Vandenberg AFB at 21:00 UT on 14 December 2006. It is a highly classified spacecraft, owned and operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). No further details are available. In January 2008, reports emerged that a U.S. spy satellite, again probably this one, was in a deteriorating orbit, and that the object was expected to crash into the Earth within weeks. Early reports indicated that the satellite could contain "hazardous materials", probably hydrazine, and possibly beryllium,though there was also some speculation that the satellite might have a "nuclear" power core, i.e. a radioisotope thermoelectric generator. Defense consultant John E. Pike dismissed this as "unlikely". (according to Wikipedia) On January 29, 2008, an Associated Press story quoted a U.S. Air Force general as saying that contingency plans were being made since intact pieces of the satellite "might re-enter into the North American area". At about 10:26 p.m. EST, a U.S. Navy Aegis warship, the USS Lake Erie, fired a single modified tactical Standard Missile 3, hitting the satellite about 133 nautical miles over the Pacific Ocean as it traveled in space at more than 17,000 mph, according to a Defense Department statement. The objective was to rupture the fuel tank to dissipate the roughly 1,000 pounds of hydrazine, a hazardous fuel that could pose a danger to people on Earth.
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