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IGS 4B is no longer on orbit

NORAD ID: 30587
Int'l Code: 2007-005B
Launch date: February 24, 2007
Source: Japan (JPN)
Decay date: 2013-11-12

A radar spy satellite impervious to darkness and a second-generation craft with optical cameras were successfully launched into space Saturday to begin top secret reconnaissance missions for the Japanese government. The radar craft is the second such satellite to be orbited in Japan's spy satellite program. Two other satellites with optical instruments were launched in 2003 and last year. The third optical spacecraft launched Saturday reportedly features upgraded imaging capabilities, according to Japanese media agencies. Liftoff of the two-stage H-2A rocket was at 0441 GMT (11:41 p.m. EST Friday) from the Yoshinobu launch complex at the Tanegashima space center
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