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BSAT-3B is classified as:

NORAD ID: 37207
Int'l Code: 2010-056B
Perigee: 35,784.1 km
Apogee: 35,802.4 km
Inclination: 0.1 °
Period: 1,436.1 minutes
Semi major axis: 42164 km
RCS: 12.5893 m2 (large)
Launch date: October 28, 2010
Source: Japan (JPN)

BSAT 3b will broadcast high-definition television to homes and businesses throughout Japan from 110 degrees east longitude. The satellite will link ground stations with 90 million HDTV terminals across the country.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 37207U 10056B   19146.07496927 -.00000353  00000-0  00000+0 0  9997
2 37207   0.0634 312.2167 0002159  48.9695  19.0287  1.00273559 31412
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC