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STS 134

STS 134 is no longer on orbit
STS 134 is classified as:

NORAD ID: 37577
Int'l Code: 2011-020A
Launch date: May 16, 2011
Source: United States (US)
Decay date: 2011-06-01

The shuttle and its six-man crew are bound for the International Space Station, where they will spend 16 days delivering spare supplies and an ambitious astrophysics experiment. Endeavour's main payload is the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a $2 billion particle detector that will search for cosmic rays that might help unravel some of our most perplexing cosmic mysteries, such as what makes up the invisible dark matter thought to pervade the universe. In addition to the particle detector, Endeavour is carrying a platform filled with 14,000 pounds (6,350 kilograms) of backup supplies for the space station, which is scheduled to operate until at least 2020. The parts include a new tank of ammonia coolant, equipment for the station's Dextre robot, and spare parts for the laboratory's antenna communications system.
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