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EXPRESS AM-4 is no longer on orbit

NORAD ID: 37798
Int'l Code: 2011-045A
Launch date: August 17, 2011
Source: Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) (CIS)
Decay date: 2012-03-25

The Express AM4 spacecraft, built by EADS Astrium, will provide communications coverage over Russia and neighboring countries for the next 15 years. The satellite will be operated by the Russian Satellite Communications Co., the country's state civil satellite operator. The spacecraft is based on Astrium's Eurostar E3000 satellite platform. Express AM4 is the largest Express satellite ever ordered by Russia and the most powerful satellite ever built in Europe with 16 kilowatts of electrical generation capability, according to Astrium. The platform carries 63 transponders in C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and L-band. Its 12 communications antennas will reach a swath of the globe stretching across Russia from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Europe.
Update: Russia has lost contact with Express AM4 hours after its launch into orbit.
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