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LUCH (OLYMP) is classified as:

NORAD ID: 40258
Int'l Code: 2014-058A
Perigee: 35,785.1 km
Apogee: 35,801.8 km
Inclination: 0.0 °
Period: 1,436.1 minutes
Semi major axis: 42164 km
RCS: Unknown
Launch date: September 27, 2014
Source: Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) (CIS)

LUCH (OLYMP) is a secretive Russian military satellite. Russia has revealed little about the mission—also known as Olymp—other than the spacecraft was built by ISS Reshetnev, a Russian satellite manufacturer. The satellite is likely heading for geostationary orbit, a 22,300-mile (35,888-km) high perch used by communications satellites, where a spacecraft's orbit matches the speed of Earth's rotation.
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Two Line Element Set (TLE):
1 40258U 14058A   23271.77338347 -.00000155  00000-0  00000-0 0  9996
2 40258   0.0131 218.2858 0001979 356.5780  52.7775  1.00272747 31041
Source of the keplerian elements: AFSPC