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The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is an autonomous regional satellite navigation system being developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)which would be under complete control of the Indian government.

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
IRNSS 1I432862018-035AApril 11, 20181436.1
IRNSS 1G414692016-027AApril 28, 20161436.2
IRNSS 1F413842016-015AMarch 10, 20161436
IRNSS-1E412412016-003AJanuary 20, 20161436.1
IRNSS 1D405472015-018AMarch 28, 20151436
IRNSS 1C402692014-061AOctober 15, 20141436.1
IRNSS 1B396352014-017AApril 4, 20141436.1
IRNSS-1A391992013-034AJuly 1, 20131436