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Launches of June 1966

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
ATLAS D R/B21881966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB21891966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB21901966-06-01DECAYED 
GEMINI 921911966-06-03DECAYED 
OPS 157721921966-06-03DECAYED 
TITAN 2 R/B21931966-06-03DECAYED 
OPS 185621941966-06-03DECAYED 
OGO 321951966-06-07DECAYED 
COSMOS 12021961966-06-08DECAYED 
SL-3 R/B21971966-06-08DECAYED 
SL-3 DEB21981966-06-08DECAYED 
SL-3 DEB21991966-06-08DECAYED 
OPS 196022001966-06-09DECAYED 
OPS 1427 (OV3-4)22011966-06-10IN ORBIT
ERS 1622021966-06-09DECAYED 
SECOR 6 (EGRS 6)22051966-06-09DECAYED 
SCOUT B R/B22061966-06-10IN ORBIT
OPS 9381 (GGTS)22071966-06-16IN ORBIT
COSMOS 12122101966-06-17DECAYED 
SL-3 R/B22111966-06-17DECAYED 
SL-3 DEB22121966-06-17DECAYED 
SL-3 DEB22131966-06-17DECAYED 
SL-3 DEB22141966-06-17DECAYED 
OPS 9311 (IDSCS 1)22151966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9312 (IDSCS 2)22161966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9313 (IDSCS 3)22171966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9314 (IDSCS 4)22181966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9315 (IDSCS 5)22191966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9316 (IDSCS 6)22201966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 9317 (IDSCS 7)22211966-06-16IN ORBIT
OPS 159922271966-06-21DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22281966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22291966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22301966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22311966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22321966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22331966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22341966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22351966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22361966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22371966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22381966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22391966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22401966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22411966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22421966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22431966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22441966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22451966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22461966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22471966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22481966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22491966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22501966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22511966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22521966-06-01DECAYED 
PAGEOS 122531966-06-24DECAYED 
COSMOS 12222541966-06-25DECAYED 
THOR AGENA D R/B22551966-06-24IN ORBIT
PAGEOS 1 DEB22561966-06-24IN ORBIT
SL-3 R/B22571966-06-25DECAYED 
OPS 1599 DEB22611966-06-21DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22641966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22651966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22661966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22671966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22681966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22691966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22701966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22711966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22721966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22731966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22741966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22751966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22761966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22771966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22781966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22791966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22801966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22811966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22821966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22831966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22841966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22851966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22861966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22871966-06-01DECAYED 
ATLAS D DEB22881966-06-01DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB24981966-06-10IN ORBIT
PAGEOS 1 DEB25111966-06-24IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB25161966-06-10IN ORBIT
PAGEOS 1 DEB80641966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80651966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80661966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80741966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80751966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80761966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80771966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80781966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80791966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80801966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB80811966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94521966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94531966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94541966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94551966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94561966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94571966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94581966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94591966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94601966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94611966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94621966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94631966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94641966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94651966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94661966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94671966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB94681966-06-24IN ORBIT
PAGEOS 1 DEB94691966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97391966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97401966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97411966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97421966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97431966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97441966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97451966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97461966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97471966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97481966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97491966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97501966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97511966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97521966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97531966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97541966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97551966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97561966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97571966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97581966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97591966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97601966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97611966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97621966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97631966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97641966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97651966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97661966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97671966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97681966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97691966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97701966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97711966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97721966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97731966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97741966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97751966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97761966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97771966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97781966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97791966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97801966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97811966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97821966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB97831966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB137951966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB186411966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB186721966-06-24DECAYED 
PAGEOS 1 DEB186901966-06-24DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB282651966-06-10IN ORBIT