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Launches of April 1974

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
COSMOS 63872341974-04-03DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B72351974-04-03DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB72361974-04-03DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB72371974-04-03DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB72381974-04-03DECAYED 
COSMOS 63972401974-04-04DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B72411974-04-04DECAYED 
OPS 624572421974-04-10DECAYED 
TITAN 3D R/B72431974-04-10DECAYED 
OPS 454772441974-04-10IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64072451974-04-11DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B72461974-04-11DECAYED 
OPS 693572471974-04-10DECAYED 
WESTAR 172501974-04-13IN ORBIT
THORAD DELTA 1 R/B(1)72511974-04-13DECAYED 
THORAD DELTA 1 R/B(2)72521974-04-13DECAYED 
COSMOS 639 DEB72531974-04-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 639 DEB72541974-04-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 639 DEB72551974-04-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 639 DEB72561974-04-04DECAYED 
MOLNIYA 1-2772601974-04-20DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(1)72611974-04-20DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT72621974-04-20DECAYED 
SL-6 DEB72631974-04-20DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)72641974-04-20DECAYED 
COSMOS 64172651974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64272661974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64372671974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64472681974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64572691974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64672701974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64772711974-04-23IN ORBIT
COSMOS 64872721974-04-23IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B72731974-04-23IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-1772741974-04-24IN ORBIT
SL-3 R/B72751974-04-24IN ORBIT
MOLNIYA 2-972761974-04-26IN ORBIT
SL-6 R/B(1)72771974-04-26DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT72781974-04-26DECAYED 
SL-6 DEB72791974-04-26DECAYED 
COSMOS 64972801974-04-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 65072811974-04-29IN ORBIT
SL-4 R/B72821974-04-29DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB72831974-04-29DECAYED 
SL-8 R/B72841974-04-29IN ORBIT
COSMOS 649 DEB72861974-04-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 649 DEB72871974-04-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 649 DEB72881974-04-29DECAYED 
COSMOS 649 DEB72891974-04-29DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)73731974-04-26IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575371974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575381974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575391974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575401974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575411974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575421974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575431974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575441974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB575451974-04-24IN ORBIT
METEOR 1-17 DEB579571974-04-24IN ORBIT