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Launches of May 1975

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
EXPLORER 5377881975-05-07DECAYED 
SCOUT F-1 R/B77891975-05-07DECAYED 
ANIK A3 (TELESAT-3)77901975-05-07IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 R/B(1)77911975-05-07DECAYED 
DELTA 1 DEB77921975-05-07DECAYED 
DELTA 1 R/B(2)77941975-05-07DECAYED 
D5A (POLLUX)78011975-05-17DECAYED 
D5B (CASTOR)78021975-05-17DECAYED 
DIAMANT B-P4 R/B78031975-05-17DECAYED 
DIAMANT B-P4 DEB78041975-05-17DECAYED 
DIAMANT B-P4 DEB78051975-05-17DECAYED 
DIAMANT B-P4 DEB78061975-05-17DECAYED 
OPS 9435 (DSCS 2-5)78071975-05-20DECAYED 
OPS 9436 (DSCS 2-6)78081975-05-20DECAYED 
TITAN 3C R/B78091975-05-20DECAYED 
COSMOS 73178101975-05-21DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B78111975-05-21DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB78121975-05-21DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB78131975-05-21DECAYED 
INTELSAT 4-F178151975-05-22IN ORBIT
OPS 622678161975-05-24IN ORBIT
THOR BURNER 2 R/B78171975-05-24IN ORBIT
SOYUZ 1878181975-05-24DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B78191975-05-24DECAYED 
COSMOS 73278201975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 74078211975-05-28DECAYED 
COSMOS 73378221975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73478231975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73578241975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73678251975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73778261975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73878271975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 73978281975-05-28IN ORBIT
SL-4 R/B78291975-05-28DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB78301975-05-28DECAYED 
SL-8 R/B78311975-05-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 74178771975-05-30DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B78781975-05-30DECAYED 
COSMOS 731 DEB78791975-05-21DECAYED 
COSMOS 731 DEB78801975-05-21DECAYED 
COSMOS 731 DEB78811975-05-21DECAYED 
COSMOS 731 DEB78851975-05-21DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79111975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79121975-05-24DECAYED 
COSMOS 740 DEB79201975-05-28DECAYED 
COSMOS 740 DEB79211975-05-28DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79481975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79491975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79531975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79551975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79561975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79621975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB79841975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80191975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80201975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80211975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80221975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80231975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80241975-05-24DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80251975-05-24DECAYED 
DIAMANT B-P4 DEB80351975-05-17DECAYED 
SOYUZ 18 DEB80381975-05-24DECAYED