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Launches of March 1980

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
OPS 7245117201980-03-03IN ORBIT
ATLAS 67F R/B117211980-03-03IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1166117221980-03-04DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B117231980-03-04DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB117241980-03-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167117291980-03-14DECAYED 
SL-11 R/B117301980-03-14DECAYED 
EP 1117311980-03-03IN ORBIT
EP 2117321980-03-03IN ORBIT
OPS 7245 DEB117331980-03-03IN ORBIT
OPS 7245 DEB117341980-03-03IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1168117351980-03-17IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B117361980-03-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1166 DEB117371980-03-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1166 DEB117381980-03-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1166 DEB117391980-03-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1169117411980-03-27DECAYED 
SL-8 R/B117421980-03-27DECAYED 
PROGRESS 8117431980-03-27DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B117441980-03-27DECAYED 
EP 3117451980-03-03DECAYED 
OPS 7245 DEB117461980-03-03IN ORBIT
SL-8 DEB124041980-03-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1167 DEB126051980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126061980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126071980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126081980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126091980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126101980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126111980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126121980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126131980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126151980-03-14DECAYED 
COSMOS 1167 DEB126161980-03-14DECAYED 
OPS 7245 DEB285391980-03-03IN ORBIT
OPS 7245 DEB285401980-03-03IN ORBIT
SL-8 DEB455141980-03-17IN ORBIT