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Launches of April 1986

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
COSMOS 1738166671986-04-04IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(1)166681986-04-04DECAYED 
SL-12 PLAT166691986-04-04DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)166701986-04-04DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)166711986-04-04DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(2)166761986-04-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1739166771986-04-09DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B166781986-04-09DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740166791986-04-15DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B166801986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1741166811986-04-17IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B166821986-04-17IN ORBIT
MOLNIYA 3-28166831986-04-18DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(1)166841986-04-18DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT166851986-04-18DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)166861986-04-18DECAYED 
PROGRESS 26166871986-04-23DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B166881986-04-23DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166941986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166951986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166961986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166971986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166981986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB166991986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB167001986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB167011986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB167141986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1740 DEB167161986-04-15DECAYED 
COSMOS 1741 DEB *178421986-04-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1741 DEB *178431986-04-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1741 DEB *182741986-04-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1741 DEB *185261986-04-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1741 DEB *186811986-04-17IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1741 DEB *192351986-04-17IN ORBIT