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Launches of March 1994

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
CORONAS I230191994-03-02DECAYED 
SL-14 R/B230201994-03-02DECAYED 
SL-14 DEB230211994-03-02DECAYED 
SL-14 DEB230221994-03-02DECAYED 
SL-14 DEB230231994-03-02DECAYED 
SL-14 DEB230241994-03-02DECAYED 
STS 62230251994-03-04DECAYED 
SL-14 DEB230261994-03-02DECAYED 
NAVSTAR 36 (USA 100)230271994-03-10IN ORBIT
DELTA 2 R/B(1)230281994-03-10DECAYED 
DELTA 2 R/B(2) (PAM-D)230291994-03-10DECAYED 
USA 101230301994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 102230311994-03-13IN ORBIT
TAURUS R/B230321994-03-13IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2274230331994-03-17DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B230341994-03-17DECAYED 
PROGRESS-M 22230351994-03-22DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B230361994-03-22DECAYED 
USA 101 DEB231031994-03-13IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2274 DEB231121994-03-17DECAYED 
COSMOS 2274 DEB231131994-03-17DECAYED 
USA 101 DEB231281994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB231291994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB232731994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB232741994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB232761994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB235321994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB235521994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB235741994-03-13DECAYED 
USA 101 DEB235761994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB235771994-03-13IN ORBIT
USA 101 DEB236111994-03-13IN ORBIT
DELTA 2 DEB259041994-03-10IN ORBIT