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Launches of October 2007

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
OPTUS D2322522007-10-05IN ORBIT
INTELSAT 11 (PAS 11)322532007-10-05IN ORBIT
ARIANE 5 R/B322542007-10-05IN ORBIT
ARIANE 5 DEB (SYLDA)322552007-10-05IN ORBIT
SOYUZ-TMA 11322562007-10-10DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B322572007-10-10DECAYED 
WGS F1 (USA 195)322582007-10-11IN ORBIT
ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/B322592007-10-11DECAYED 
NAVSTAR 60 (USA 196)322602007-10-17IN ORBIT
DELTA 2 R/B(2) (PAM-D)322612007-10-17DECAYED 
DELTA 2 R/B(1)322622007-10-17DECAYED 
GLOBALSTAR M067322632007-10-20IN ORBIT
GLOBALSTAR M070322642007-10-20IN ORBIT
GLOBALSTAR M066322652007-10-20IN ORBIT
GLOBALSTAR M068322662007-10-20IN ORBIT
SL-26 R/B322672007-10-20DECAYED 
COSMOS 2430322682007-10-23DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT322692007-10-23DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(1)322702007-10-23DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(2)322712007-10-23DECAYED 
STS 120322722007-10-23DECAYED 
CHANG E 1322732007-10-24DECAYED 
CZ-3A R/B322742007-10-24DECAYED 
COSMOS 2433 (GLONASS)322752007-10-26IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2432 (GLONASS)322762007-10-26IN ORBIT
COSMOS 2431 (GLONASS)322772007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(2)322782007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(1)322792007-10-26DECAYED 
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)322802007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 R/B(AUX MOTOR)322812007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-6 DEB322822007-10-23DECAYED 
DELTA 2 DEB355682007-10-17IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416762007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416772007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416782007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416792007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416802007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416812007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416822007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416832007-10-26DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB416842007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416852007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416862007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416872007-10-26DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB416882007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416892007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416902007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416912007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416922007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB416932007-10-26DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB416942007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB433762007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB433772007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB433782007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB433792007-10-26DECAYED 
SL-12 DEB433802007-10-26IN ORBIT
SL-12 DEB435412007-10-26IN ORBIT
ARIANE 5 DEB484222007-10-05IN ORBIT