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Launches of November 2016

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
HIMAWARI 9418362016-11-02IN ORBIT
H-2A R/B418372016-11-02IN ORBIT
SJ-17 (SHIJIAN-17)418382016-11-03IN ORBIT
CZ-5 R/B418392016-11-03IN ORBIT
YZ-2 R/B418402016-11-03IN ORBIT
XPNAV-1418412016-11-09IN ORBIT
XIAOXIANG 1418422016-11-09IN ORBIT
PINA 2A418432016-11-09DECAYED 
PINA 2B418442016-11-09DECAYED 
LISHUI 1-01418452016-11-09DECAYED 
CZ-11 DEB418462016-11-09IN ORBIT
CZ-11 R/B418472016-11-09IN ORBIT
RAVAN418492016-11-11IN ORBIT
CELTEE 1418502016-11-11IN ORBIT
OPTICUBE 04418512016-11-11IN ORBIT
AEROCUBE 8D418522016-11-11IN ORBIT
AEROCUBE 8C418532016-11-11IN ORBIT
PROMETHEUS 2-1418542016-11-11IN ORBIT
PROMETHEUS 2-3418552016-11-11IN ORBIT
ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/B418562016-11-11IN ORBIT
YUNHAI 1418572016-11-11IN ORBIT
CZ-2D R/B418582016-11-11IN ORBIT
GALILEO 15 (267)418592016-11-17IN ORBIT
GALILEO 16 (26C)418602016-11-17IN ORBIT
GALILEO 17 (26D)418612016-11-17IN ORBIT
GALILEO 18 (26E)418622016-11-17IN ORBIT
ARIANE 5 R/B418632016-11-17IN ORBIT
SOYUZ MS-03418642016-11-17DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B418652016-11-17DECAYED 
GOES 16418662016-11-19IN ORBIT
ATLAS 5 CENTAUR R/B418672016-11-19IN ORBIT
TIANLIAN 1-04418692016-11-22IN ORBIT
CZ-3C R/B418702016-11-22IN ORBIT
CZ-11 DEB419282016-11-09DECAYED 
CZ-2D DEB446032016-11-11IN ORBIT
CZ-2D DEB446042016-11-11DECAYED 
CZ-2D DEB446052016-11-11IN ORBIT
CZ-2D DEB446062016-11-11IN ORBIT
CZ-2D DEB446072016-11-11IN ORBIT