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Exact matches only. The International designator is an internationally agreed-upon naming convention for satellites. The designator contains the launch year, the launch number of the year and the part of the launch, i.e., "A" indicates payload, "B" the rocket booster, or second payload, etc.
e.g. enter 1990-037B for Hubble Space Telescope


Exact matches only. The Satellite Catalog Number (also known as NORAD Catalog Number, NASA catalog number, USSPACECOM object number or simply Catalog number and similar variants) is a sequential 5-digit number assigned by USSPACECOM to all Earth orbiting satellites in order of identification. Before USSPACECOM, the catalog was maintained by NORAD. The first catalogued object, catalog number 00001, is the Sputnik 1 launch vehicle. (Wikipedia)
e.g. enter 28485 for Swift


Include Debris, Rocket bodies etc
At least 3 characters. The satellite name is not always the common (or popular) name. For example, the well known Hubble Space Telescope is actually officially named HST.
Up to 100 results are returned.
e.g. enter oscar for OSCAR satellites


Include Debris, Rocket bodies etc

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Range between October 4, 1957 (when Sputnik was launched) and current date. This represents the date when satellite was placed on orbit.
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29 match(es)
Name NORAD ID Int'l Code Launch date
Status Action
ASTRA 5B 39617 2014-011B 2014-03-22 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1L 31306 2007-016A 2007-05-04 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1E 23686 1995-055A 1995-10-19 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1H 25785 1999-033A 1999-06-18 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2G 40364 2014-089A 2014-12-27 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1KR 29055 2006-012A 2006-04-20 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1D 23331 1994-070A 1994-11-01 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2F 38778 2012-051A 2012-09-28 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2A 25462 1998-050A 1998-08-30 IN ORBIT
ASTRA SATELLITE 00001 49494 2021-108A 2021-11-20 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1K 27557 2002-053A 2002-11-25 DECAYED Unable to track
ASTRA 1C 22653 1993-031A 1993-05-12 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1N 37775 2011-041A 2011-08-06 IN ORBIT
CELESTIS 03/TAURUS R/B 25160 1998-007D 1998-02-10 IN ORBIT
KEPLER-16 (ASTRAEUS) 51057 2022-002CB 2022-01-13 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 3A 27400 2002-015B 2002-03-29 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1B 21139 1991-015A 1991-03-02 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 3B 36581 2010-021A 2010-05-21 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1G 25071 1997-076A 1997-12-02 IN ORBIT
S4 CROSSOVER/ASTRA 52008 2022-026A 2022-03-15 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2C 26853 2001-025A 2001-06-16 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1A 19688 1988-109B 1988-12-11 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1M 33436 2008-057A 2008-11-05 IN ORBIT
SIRIUS 2 (GE-1E) 25049 1997-071A 1997-11-11 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2D 26638 2000-081A 2000-12-20 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2E 39285 2013-056A 2013-09-29 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 4A (SIRIUS 4) 32299 2007-057A 2007-11-17 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 1F 23842 1996-021A 1996-04-08 IN ORBIT
ASTRA 2B 26494 2000-054A 2000-09-14 IN ORBIT