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Launches of August 1968

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
OPS 222233341968-08-06IN ORBIT
OPS 518733351968-08-06DECAYED 
OPS 595533361968-08-07DECAYED 
EXPLORER 39 (ADI-3)33371968-08-08DECAYED 
EXPLORER 40 (INJUN-5)33381968-08-08IN ORBIT
COSMOS 23533391968-08-09DECAYED 
SL-3 R/B33401968-08-09DECAYED 
SCOUT B R/B33411968-08-08IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB33421968-08-08DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB33431968-08-08DECAYED 
ATS 433441968-08-10DECAYED 
ESSA 7 (TOS-E)33451968-08-16IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 R/B33461968-08-16IN ORBIT
COSMOS 23633471968-08-27DECAYED 
COSMOS 23733481968-08-27DECAYED 
SL-8 R/B33491968-08-27DECAYED 
SL-3 R/B33501968-08-27DECAYED 
COSMOS 23833511968-08-28DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B33521968-08-28DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB33901968-08-08DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB33911968-08-08DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB33921968-08-08IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB33931968-08-08DECAYED 
DELTA 1 DEB34161968-08-16IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB34171968-08-16IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB39741968-08-16IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB39751968-08-16IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB44991968-08-16IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB233071968-08-08DECAYED 
ATLAS AGENA R/B277851968-08-06IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB292771968-08-08DECAYED 
SCOUT B DEB292781968-08-08IN ORBIT
SCOUT B DEB292791968-08-08IN ORBIT