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Launches of August 1981

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NameNORAD IDLaunch date
DELTA 1 R/B(1)126261981-08-03DECAYED 
COSMOS 1285126271981-08-04IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB126281981-08-03DECAYED 
SL-6 PLAT126291981-08-04DECAYED 
SL-6 R/B(1)126301981-08-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1286126311981-08-04DECAYED 
SL-11 R/B126321981-08-04DECAYED 
FLTSATCOM 5126351981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1287126361981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1288126371981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1289126381981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1290126391981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1291126401981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1292126411981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1293126421981-08-06IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1294126431981-08-06IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B126441981-08-06IN ORBIT
INTERCOSMOS 22 (BULGARIA 1300)126451981-08-07IN ORBIT
SL-3 R/B126461981-08-07IN ORBIT
HIMAWARI 2 (GMS 2)126771981-08-10IN ORBIT
N-2 R/B(1)126781981-08-10DECAYED 
DELTA 1 R/B(2)126791981-08-03IN ORBIT
SL-6 R/B(2)126801981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1295126811981-08-12IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B126821981-08-12IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1296126871981-08-13DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B126881981-08-13DECAYED 
COSMOS 1297127161981-08-18DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B127171981-08-18DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB127181981-08-18DECAYED 
COSMOS 1298127761981-08-21DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B127771981-08-21DECAYED 
COSMOS 1299127831981-08-24IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1300127851981-08-24IN ORBIT
SL-14 R/B127861981-08-24IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1301127881981-08-27DECAYED 
SL-4 R/B127891981-08-27DECAYED 
SL-4 DEB127901981-08-27DECAYED 
COSMOS 1302127911981-08-28IN ORBIT
SL-8 R/B127921981-08-28IN ORBIT
SL-8 DEB127931981-08-28IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1297 DEB127941981-08-18DECAYED 
COSMOS 1297 DEB127951981-08-18DECAYED 
COSMOS 1297 DEB127961981-08-18DECAYED 
COSMOS 1297 DEB127971981-08-18DECAYED 
DELTA 1 DEB127981981-08-03DECAYED 
COSMOS 1299 DEB (ANTENNA128071981-08-24DECAYED 
COSMOS 1299 FUEL CORE128081981-08-24IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1299 DEB (PELPS)128091981-08-24DECAYED 
N-2 R/B(2)128101981-08-10DECAYED 
COSMOS 1301 DEB128111981-08-27DECAYED 
COSMOS 1301 DEB128121981-08-27DECAYED 
COSMOS 1301 DEB128131981-08-27DECAYED 
DELTA 1 DEB129451981-08-03DECAYED 
DELTA 1 DEB129461981-08-03DECAYED 
COSMOS 1285 DEB129931981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1286 DEB136011981-08-04DECAYED 
COSMOS 1285 DEB139611981-08-04IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB146201981-08-03IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB146211981-08-03IN ORBIT
SL-8 DEB *148101981-08-28IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB194781981-08-03IN ORBIT
DELTA 1 DEB249111981-08-03IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB258381981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB258391981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB258401981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB258411981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB266801981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB277981981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB277991981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB278001981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB278011981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB278021981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB285581981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB285591981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB285601981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB285611981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB292961981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335221981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335231981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335241981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335251981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335261981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335271981-08-04IN ORBIT
COSMOS 1285 DEB335281981-08-04IN ORBIT