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This is a list of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) polar-orbiting environmental satellites (POES) for longer term forecasting. These satellites are necessary for providing a complete global weather monitoring system. The satellites carry search and rescue instruments, and have helped save the lives of about 10,000 people to date. The satellites are also used to support aviation safety (volcanic ash detection), and maritime/shipping safety (ice monitoring and prediction). The POES satellite system offers the advantage of daily global coverage, by making nearly polar orbits roughly 14.1 times daily. Since the number of orbits per day is not an integer the sub orbital tracks do not repeat on a daily basis, although the local solar time of each satellite's passage is essentially unchanged for any latitude. More

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NameNORAD IDInt'l CodeLaunch datePeriod
DSCOVR403902015-007AFebruary 11, 2015-Unable to track
NOAA 147931970-106ADecember 11, 1970114.8
NOAA 10169691986-073ASeptember 17, 1986100.8
NOAA 11195311988-089ASeptember 24, 1988101.7
NOAA 12212631991-032AMay 14, 1991101
NOAA 13227391993-050AAugust 9, 1993101.9
NOAA 14234551994-089ADecember 30, 1994101.8
NOAA 15253381998-030AMay 13, 1998100.9
NOAA 16265362000-055ASeptember 21, 2000101.9
NOAA 17274532002-032AJune 24, 2002101
NOAA 18286542005-018AMay 20, 2005101.9
NOAA 19335912009-005AFebruary 6, 2009101.9
NOAA 2 (ITOS-D)62351972-082AOctober 15, 1972114.9
NOAA 20 (JPSS 1)430132017-073ANovember 18, 2017101.4
NOAA 369201973-086ANovember 6, 1973116.1
NOAA 475291974-089ANovember 15, 1974114.9
NOAA 590571976-077AJuly 29, 1976116.3
NOAA 6114161979-057AJune 27, 1979100.4
NOAA 7125531981-059AJune 23, 1981101.6
NOAA 8139231983-022AMarch 28, 1983100.8
NOAA 9154271984-123ADecember 12, 1984101.7
NOAA-21 (JPSS-2)542342022-150ANovember 10, 2022101.4
SUOMI NPP378492011-061AOctober 28, 2011101.4
TIROS N110601978-096AOctober 13, 1978101.5